Mulch & Landscape Products

image4701We offer several different types of 100% natural mulches for those who want to keep their property looking top notch. We also offer a variety of Stone, Gravel, Sand, Stone Dust, Loam and Compost products.






We use 100% natural forest products in all of our mulches.
No recycled building materials or pallets are used in our mulch, ever! 



image4681Red Pine

A mixture of Pine bark and softwood is blended with a water based colorant. This process yields a finely ground, rich red colored mulch.

image4641Pure Hemlock

The Pure Hemlock is composed of %100 Hemlock bark. This product is finely ground and has a reddish/brown color with the signature purple flaking, only found in Hemlock bark.

image4661Natural Pine

All natural Eastern White Pine Bark, Ground to a fine texture. This product is a medium brown in color.

image4761Ground Dark

A blend of aged Pine, Fir and Spruce bark, all blended and ground to a fine texture. This product is our most popular and is a rich dark brown color.

image4621Black Forest 

This mulch is a blend of Pine bark and woodchips. It is colored with a water based dye to a dark black color. The Black Forest blend is quickly becoming a best seller!!

Wood Chip Mulch
This product is a finely ground mulch made from aged wood chips and bark. It is a low cost alternative and makes an excellent ground cover.
Erosion Mulch
This product is great for stabilizing slopes and can be used in place of silt fencing if properly installed. We can also custom blend mulches for your erosion or conservation projects. Please call us with your specs and we will be happy to provide you with a quote.
Soil Conservation Mulch
Similar to our Erosion Mulch, but ground to 2″ minus. 
Playground Mulch
This is a finely ground softwood mulch product. It is used under playground equipment and in playground areas.

Landscaping Materials


image4721In addition to Bark Mulch, we also offer a diverse line of Landscape Materials. All of the following materials are available for pickup here at our facility, or we can deliver it to the location of your choosing.






Screened Loam
A rich, aged top-soil screened to 3/4. ***NEW We now offer a mixture of our screened loam and Surf N’ Turf. Ideal for gardening and planting!
Surf & Turf Compost
Direct from Benson Farm in Gorham, Maine. This organic blend works great in all applications. ***NEW We now carry Surf N’ Turf compost in bags! ***NEW We now offer a mixture of our screened loam and Surf N’ Turf. Ideal for gardening and planting!
Our homemade blend of compost, screened to 3/4.
3/8 Crushed Stone
Rock, Crushed and screened to 3/8 – Perfect for landscaping projects
3/4 Crushed Stone
Rock, Crushed and screened to 3/4 – Perfect for landscaping projects
1-1/2 Crushed Stone
Rock, Crushed and screened to 1-1/2 – Perfect for landscaping projects
Stone Dust
A Finely screened stone product. Excellent for using under patios, walkways and pools
3/4 Crushed Gravel
This product is a blend of gravel and stone, crushed to 3/4, and is ideal for fixing potholes and washouts in driveways and dirt roads.
2″ Crushed Gravel
Ideal for repairing larger areas in roads & driveways
Infield Mix
This special blend of sand, silt and clay is the ideal material for baseball and softball fields.
Screened Sand
Finely screened, this product is excellent in sand-boxes and for building patios and walkways.
Sand Fill
Sand Fill is a common material used to fill in areas prior to screened loam.


2017 PRICEScredit_card_logos_12




Black Forest Mulch* $30.00/yd Stone Dust $24.00/yd **Screened Loam $22.00/yd
Dark Brown Mulch $32.00/yd 3/8” Crushed Stone $42.00/yd 1/2 yd Screened Loam $12.00/yd
Premium Hemlock Mulch** $36.00/yd 3/4” Crushed Stone $36.00/yd Compost $24.00/yd
Pine Bark Mulch $30.00/yd 1 ½” Crushed Stone $38.00/yd Shellfish Compost $42.00/yd
Color Enhanced Red Bark* $32.00/yd Crushed Gravel $28.00/yd Shellfish/Loam Mixture $32.00/yd
Wood Chip Mulch $18.00/yd 2” Crushed Gravel $26.00/yd Shellfish by the bag $6.00 per bag
Playground Mulch $22.00/yd Screened Sand $24.00/yd Infield Mix $28.00/yd
Erosion Mulch $14.00/yd
Soil Conservation Mulch $16.00/yd

*Color Enhanced Bark Mulch
**Limited Quantities


Prices do not include Delivery Charges
Deliveries Available – Call for Pricing